Community Update #3

An v5 announcement

Welcome back

Welcome back to the 3rd iteration of the v5 community updates, this one is a good one! If you haven't read the second update, feel free to read it right here.

Everything in profiles

Inventory, profiles, case information, and friends have been combined into one central place, your profile.

Skins have got a complete overhaul at how they're displayed. We've moved over to card views for skins, giving you a pleasant and more complete look at all those skins that you've worked hard to gather. There's also a new subtle background animation for legendary and event skins.

Starting on the left

The good ol' profile view is still here, but with a few more tricks up it's sleeve. By default, profiles don't show all the information unless if you click show more, which will then give you this big boi.

You're now able to see the users set skin, more weekly stats, and when the user was last online. There's also a nice little colored strip at the top of accounts that have locked names or a special role. One final thing is that online users get a green outline on their profile photo when you visit their profile, signifying that they are online.

Friends or enemies

Users are now able to add or block others directly on their profiles.

By blocking users, you'll no longer receive trade or friend requests from them. By adding them, you can set your account to private trade mode (coming soon!) that only let's you get trades from users that are your friend. You also get a neat little friends panel on your profile that shows your online friends.

You can also view other users friends plus manage your own with one click of a button.

Don't forget about managing friend requests, both inbound and outbound.

Selling your items

We've cleaned up the look of selling skins. Equipped with the same features you loved from v4, with recommended price placeholders and the ability to see how much you get after the sale.

Trash makeover

Quick sell is essentially the same thing as trash, but better. You now have the ability to trash all types of items (except events), and you'll get rewarded different amount of coins for each item. Still got that pesky Coltan case you're never going to open and nobody is ever going to buy? You can quick sell it and get something useful in return.

It's also directly available via the sell panel, so you can see the cheapest listing of the skin before you quick sell it.

Open those cases!

Like everything else, opening cases is also directly baked into the profile page. You don't need to jump between 300 different pages trying to open a few cases, but now you can just click two buttons and bingo bongo, your cases are openo pongo.

There's also a neat little skin particle animation once you've opened up a case, colored by the skins rarity.

We're almost there..

Thanks to all the alpha testers for helping us patch those pesky little bugs, within the past few weeks we've fixed over 30+ different issues across the website! We want to make sure this update is as polished and feature-packed as it can be, so we're working hard on polishing everything in such a short period of time. If you want to stay up to date with more v5 alpha news, join our Discord. Hopefully you were impressed by the new changes, until next time.