Makan D Project Preview

An introduction is an online multiplayer game, much like, where players control cells aiming to grow by absorbing others. The game is built around it's in-game economy of items, featuring a reward system, marketplace, and trading. It helps encourage making connections with other users with its built-in friend system, chat, and clans system.

Heads up! This page is still a work-in-progress.

At a glance

Some quick statistics (last updated Dec 29, 2023):

23 million
games played
since 2018
2.9 million
unique players
since 2015
1.1 million
hours played
since 2018
165 thousand
registered accounts
since 2016
version updates
since 2015

Languages, services, and technologies used:

GitHub Actions (CI/CD)

Other services used include Datadog, Sendgrid, and Recaptcha.

Authentication built in-house

The core of the project is built on a user authentication flow that I've developed myself and iterated on since 2015. It's the backbone of the website, handling every request coming in. Below is a simplified flow diagram of how user authentication is handled. authentication flow

The system has gone through countless iterations while retaining user data with improvements to security and performance.

User experience and design

The website was designed from the ground up with Bootstrap and good ol' CSS. The website is also fully responsive, compatible with mobile devices and tablets. shop page case opening animation case opening animation case opening animation

Running on bare metal

We manage our own servers in Quebec to host the website. I've even made custom release and deployment scripts in GitHub actions to help automate our flows.

Preview of our Actions workflow

Whew, that's a lot

There is so much I want to write about, this project is very extensive. It's taken me (and two others, thanks Luka and Seth 😉) to build this website. It's been constantly iterated over the years to get to where we are with lots to learn.

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